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Welcome to Congregation Schomre Israel, a modern orthodox synagogue located in  Poughkeepsie, New York in the scenic Mid-Hudson Valley.

To see the shul's mission statement click here


                    Programs & Events

Upcoming services and classes


Mincha with pre-Kabbalt Shabbat: 5:30pm | 646 558 8656 ID: 2448244824


Daily 6:40 – Mincha & Maariv at 6:40pm

Monday at 6:20 we will have a special virtual gathering in order to say Tehillim for those in need. (Note, if you cannot join virtually, please set aside this time for Tehillim and prayers as well)

Friday Kabbalat Shabbat at 5:30 with a special chazzan


Sunday March 29 – 9:30am – Talmud, 4th Chapter of Brachos | 646 558 8656 ID: 2448244824

Tuesday March 31 – 7:30pm – Making Pesach for the first time (and a refresher for the rest of us)
We will be discussing what is chometz and what is not, how to sell and rid chometz, how to kasher the kitchen and other preparations for Pesach | 646 558 8656 ID: 2448244824

Thursday March 26 – 7:30pm – How to make an amazing seder for the first time (and a refresher for the rest of us)
While many of us are struck with the reality that we will be making our own seder for the first time, we will discuss ways of making it personal, powerful, meaningful and practical. | 646 558 8656 ID: 2448244824

Updated Coronavirus Procedures


To balance both safety and service to our Creator,
we have implemented the following policies and structure:
  • As of Tuesday, March 17, 2020, at noon, the regular gathering of minyanim and all classes including Bingo and chair yoga are suspended.
  • As of Tuesday evening, March 17 we will be gathering through Zoom for Tehillim prayers as well as Mincha and Maariv.
  • Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday classes will continue through Zoom. Monday evening Conversational Hebrew has been suspended.
  • Zoom links for classes and prayers up until Pesach follows:
By Computer:
Daily Mincha, Learning & Maariv: 6:40pm
Thursday Parsha: 7:30pm
* Friday pre-Kabbalat Shabbat: 5:30pm
Sunday Talmud: 9:30am
Tuesday Shevatim: 10:30am
By Phone: 646.558.8656
Daily Mincha, Learning & Maariv: 6:40pm ID: 131 641 050
Thursday Parsha: 7:30pm ID: 369 267 208
* Friday pre-Kabbalat Shabbat: 5:30pm ID: 960 045 515
Sunday Talmud: 9:30am ID: 385 984 790
Tuesday Shevatim: 10:30am ID: 639 426 645
* Having Kabbalat Shabbat at 5:30 should give everyone enough time to light candles and get ready for Shabbat afterwards. Rabbi Krasner will be giving his Torah thoughts then.
  • All Schomre Clubs will reconvene at a later date.
  • If Heaven forbid there would be any funerals, we will gather a minyan to say Kaddish and give the proper respects.
  • The Mikvah is still available for Women who are not feeling any flu-like symptoms.
  • Most importantly know that Rabbi Krasner is always available if you need anything. Please do not hesitate to contact him at 443-388-0033
  • Be safe, be strong, and may Hashem guard us

    Please check your email and our website for current information and update

Annual Raffle and Cocktail Party

The shul's Annual Raffle and Cocktail Party will be on Sunday, June 28, 2020 at 2:  00pm. Click here for details

Passover schedule

Click here to see the schedule for the passover holiday, which begins on April 8, 2020.

Rabbi's classes

Rabbi Krasner will be scheduling new classes starting in February. The schedule of classes, which will be held on Tuesday and Thursday, are shown here.

Sisterhood Fund Raiser

 These are just a sample of the handmade cards available.   






Chair Yoga for Seniors Class

The shul is offering weekly classes in Chair Yoga,  taught by Toni Farkas,  on Monday   mornings from 11:30am-12:30pm.  The classes are open to the community and there is a nominal fee of $5 per class. If you have any questions please call the office at 845-454-2890.


                     Ongoing Activities

* The Sisterhood of Schomre Israel is providing breakfast food(cereal and bananas) to the local homeless shelter once a month. If you would like to assist the Sisterhood by providing four boxes of cereal for a specific month, please contact Sandy Corwin at 845-452-2436.

* Bingo is played every Wednesday night at 7:00 pm. Doors open at 4:00 pm.

* The Private Herman Siegel Post 625 of the Jewish War Veterans of the United States holds its monthly meeting on the first Sunday of each month, at 9:30 am at the shul. For more information please contact the Post Commander, Robert L. Morrison at

              Recent Programs & Events

Sisterhood Annual Hamentashen Sale

Sisterhood has completed baking hamentashen for Purim 2020.


     Last tray of hamentashen for 2020                           Rabbi Krasner and Holly

Respect for Life

On Thursday January 23rd  Dr. Shirley Lapiidus  lead  the discussion in "Healing during Grief", followed by a talk on "the Torah Perspective on Living Wills, Healthcare Proxies and the Value of Life in a Comtemporary Medical Society"

Reading Hebrew 101 Classes   

On November 11th Rabbi Krasner began Monday classes on reading hebrew, starting from the absolute basics, and  focused on being able to read properly and fluently. The classes were held from 6-6:45pm thru the end of January. 

Mitzvah Workshops

Rabbi Krasner  presented a number of mitzvah workshops from November 5th thru January 7th. Click here for more details.

Siyum Haşhaş Live Hookup

January 1. 2020 at 1:00pm there was a live broadcast of the Siyum Hashas at the shul for members to see and hear the program being held at Giants stadium in New Jersey.

Annual Chanukah Dinner 

The shul's annual chanukah dinner was held on Sunday, December 22, 2019. The dinner of brisket and latkes was enjoyed  by all those attending. 

Shabbat Project - November 14-16, 2019

During the weekend of November 14-16 Schomre Israel participated in the Global Shabbat Project, along with thousands of synagogues and millions of Jews. The weekend included a Challah Bake and a guest speaker, Rabbi Yerachmiel Milstein.


Wiffle Ball Tournament

On October 27th, the shul played host to the Jewish Federation's 2nd annual wiffle ball tournament. A good time was had by all participants.

Jewish Heritage Museum trip

On July 14th the shul sponsored a bus trip to the Jewish Heritage Museum for the Auschwitz Exhibit. This trip was open to the community.  Click here to see the Museum write-up regarding the exhibit.


On June 30th the shul hosted NCSY's annual Hudson Valley bike ride. Click here for more details.

Annual Raffle and Cocktail Party

The shul's annual raffle was held on Sunday, June 23th. 

Annual Purim Dinner 

The Sisterhood's annual Purim dinner was held on Thursday, March 21st .

                   Brisket                                                        Hamentashen


Sisterhood's Annual Hamentashen Sale

The Sisterhood recently completed baking hamentashen for its 36th annual sale. Shown below are some of the bakers.

Scholar in Residence Shabbat

Dr. David Luchins was our Scholar in Residence during the weekend of October 26-27. Details about his presentations are in the flyers here and here

Jewish Heritage Night

This year's Jewish Heritage Night at the ballpark was held on Sunday, August 19th.

Annual  Raffle and Cocktail party

The annual raffle and cocktail party was held on June 24th.

Purim Dinner  

The shul's annual Purim Dinner was held on March 4th. Pictures from the dinner are in the photo album section.

Saturday Night at the Movies

The next to last movie in our Saturday night at the movies series was on Saturday, February 10th at 7:30pm, with the movie being "The Producers".  

Saturday Night at the Movies

On Saturday, January 20th at 7:00pm, as part of the Saturday night at the movies series, the movie - "The Woman in Gold" was shown

A Presentation by Sibyl Silver 

Sunday, January 14th at 7:00PM a presentation was made by Sibyl Silver on her project to rescue Torahs taken during World War 11. Click here for more details. This presentation was underwritten by a grant from the Ann and Abe Effron fund, under the auspices of the Community Foundation of the Hudson Valley.

Chanukah Dinner

The shul's annual chanukah dinner was held on Sunday, December 17, 2017. 

Hanoch Teller presentation

On Sunday morning, September 3rd the shul hosted a breakfast and presentation by Hanoch Teller.

Hanoch Teller is a globe-trotting modern-day maggid (storyteller of yore) renowned as the King of the Storytellers and will be speaking on "Heroic Children," his latest work.  The book which is being called the next Ann Frank, represents every stripe of a young Jewish victim, from every corner of Europe and from every religious, national and socioeconomic background.  What they all shared in common was an iron will to live - but not at all costs.  Their determination to hold onto their dignity and principles make these unforgettable stories a zenith of human achievement.  Heroic Children is a work of prodigious scholarship and spellbinding narrative.      


A Day at the Ballpark

On Sunday, August 13th  Schomre Israel sponsored "Community Jewish Heritage Night" at the ballpark. 


Zmira Langer's 100th birthday party 

The party was held on june 29, 2017. Click here for pictures.

Annual raffle and cocktail party

The shul's annual raffle was held on June 25, 2017.  


Bike ride with BikeNCSY  

On June 25, 2017, the shul hosted the BIKENCSY event with NCSY. Information about the event is here. Photos from the event:


Purim Dinner 2017

The annual Purim dinner was held on March 12th. For pictures from the dinner please click here.

Chanukah 2016

The Sisterhood's annual Chanukah dinner took place on Sunday, December 25, 2016 . For pictures from the dinner click here.  Shown below is Srully Wulliger performing at the dinner.


NYC Bus Trip to Jewish Museums and Janina Synagogue

Schomre Israel had a bus trip to lower Manhattan on Sunday, October 18th. We visited the Jewish Heritage Museum for a guided tour, followed  by a guided tour at Kehila Kedosha Janina Synagogue & Museum.  Pictures from the trip here. Video clips here.

Wed, April 1 2020 7 Nisan 5780